Take Part – Msc Strategic Management and PHD dissertation

I am looking for volunteers to take part in a short survey which asks questions about how businesses make decisions.

The research will ask:

  • Is decision making a closed loop/reflective process (Sterman, 1989)
  • Are decision makers aware of resulting increase or decrease in enterprise value flowing from those decisions including sub optimal results
  • Are outcomes are used to influence future decisions (Dean and Sharfman, 1996)
  • Do boards consider the impact of decision process design (Saaty, 2000)
  • Are they aware of higher yield alternatives (Weitzman, 1979)

So do you think of decision making as a process; does your team/business agree a process for decision making; if not how do you present and digest information to get to a decision

All contributions are anonymous and you are given access to the analysed results; if this is useful to your business along with explanatory narrative I am happy to share this with you.

This forms part of my research for Msc Strategic Management with Manchester Metropolitan University Business school and Phd at Manchester Business School.

Here’s a statistic which focuses the mind : yields on decisions are improved by nearly 30% where a process for making decisions is agreed at the outset.

Now thats worth having in any business : get more profit just by changing the way you perceive and process information… give it a go – you have nothing to loose

If you think you want to participate ; send me a message info@carol-thompson.net or via Linkedin

Very much appreciate the help!





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