UK Manufacturing & European Pharmaceuticals

Situation and Challenge

  • Evaluating manufacturing operating efficiency options for multi site business
  • Reviewing overseas manufacturing options  [eastern European production]
  • Assessing property and land planning / alternative use options for value maximization
  • Revisiting Venture Capital structure vs alternate management and funding support options
  • Re balancing product suite, B2B channels vs B2C to improve margins


  • Interview with VC chairman and MD to discuss challenges and alternate views on progress and options
  • Assess property choices medium and long term vs pragmatic short cost and cash challenges
  • Make introductions to alternate suppliers and distribution channels via RTV network
  • Challenge more ambitious plans which lacked evidential basis [constructive challenge and coach]


  • One to One support
  • Visualisation or alternate outcomes
  • Introducing E commerce business thinking into established traditional businesses challenging out dated thinking
  • New sources of funding and structures discussed
  • Relationship on going


  • VC partner changed
  • Manufacturing processes changed
  • Geography of processes being revisited
  • Alternative products being developed outside standard remit building on core patents
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