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Energy and Technology

Regulated Energy and Technology Business -making money from digital assets [ you didn’t know you had..]

This business had a challenging time in recent years as OFGEM tries to address “Green Issues ” at the same time as delivering reduced cost capital programs; these policy changes and funding cuts washed across all supply businesses in the sector and impacted the business and things were tough for the team.

So when you are between the regulator and the consumer, how do you create a viable economic model.

Working with the team , under utilised assets where identified and plans made to monetise them then pricing and contract structures were rewritten to ensure the value equation was keeping pace with regulator incentives and customer pricing strategies; 21st century pricing models for digital assets.

The greatest value identified was in how it uses data and valuing [and pricing] that data to benefit customers and consumers- alignment of the value chain end to end.

This process set the tone for the 5 year operating plan and underpins the long term future and viability of the business. The executive team now has a “current” and evolutionary perspective on where the business could operate in challenging market conditions… AND WIN and KEEP WINNING…

Group CEO , very pleased and says ” Carol has been insightful, challenging, fun and provided valuable consultancy on our decision making processes”.

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