Client Location:
London, UK

Games Industry

Privatisation of On line and Terrestrial Gaming Company

Situation and Challenge

  • Privatisation of a government owned asset
  • Prepare for the process , generate investor interest and align stakeholder interests


  • Bring together all stakeholders in creating a unified vision of the post privatized asset and its role in the UK gaming industry;
  • Aligning the PR and Employee communications to support the process;
  • Working with key stakeholders ensuring all parties interests are represented across the consortia [ his included 2 plc’s, three bodies representing the interest of racing / owners and jockeys, HM treasury and a government minister] and the board.


  • Complete vendor due diligence on which funding was secured to under pin the bid;
  • Persuading government departments of the appropriate structure post sale, benefits flowing to the racing industry, employees interests protected and treasury tax yield not damaged;
  • Ensuring longevity of the enterprise;
  • Establishing the full range of goals from the disparate stakeholders across the consortia and aligning those under one plan;
  • Building a financial plan which blended those outcomes across a 10 year period balancing short term vs long term capital requirements;
  • Investigated and put in place tax plans which stayed inside post disposal government guidelines.


  • Government considered the bids made;
  • Funding was secured;
  • The business overall performance improved substantially during this period despite the significant time invested in the privatisation process
  • Change of Prime Minister stalled the privatisation process for several years thereafter and was eventually outside the original remit, price range and conditionality by a different government.
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