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Carol has completed several tasks for us in the last 12 months including the development of our Board Operations Guide/sub committee TOR, business opportunity review and valuable consultancy on our decision making processes. Insightful and fun person

Robert Ellis,
Group CEO

Carol is a marvellous mentor and strategic advisor for 3rd sector organisations. She has great skills and commitment to making sure people reach their full potential. She always goes that extra mile and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Dianne Lomax,
Cheshire Connect

Carol is a high-calibre CFO and she has maintained excellent relationships with Barclays and other international banks; a direct and open approach and an excellent proponent of stakeholder management. Technically excellent and commercially minded

Richard Faulkner,
Managing Director Silicon Valley Bank

Carol is a powerhouse of energy, intelligence and creativity but with a soft, kind nature. She needs a mission not just a job- she wants to do well for the company, no ego, no agenda- she just loves what she does .

Catherine Williams DWF LLP,
Chief People Officer

Carol was hugely helpful in putting together our new 5 year strategy and vision process. What seemed complex was organised into a simple structure we could all understand. We are grateful for the time she gave us , every minute was gold dust.

Anne Davies MBE DL,
Chairman EPNAVCO

Carol builds teams and utilizes people’s strengths to deliver optimum outcomes; she is also caring, elegant and fun to be around. SSP, it's investors and board are truly fortunate to benefit from the expertise of such an exceptional leader.

Sabine Vanderline,
CEO Startupbootcamp, Insuretech and co editor of the InsureTech book

Carol is one of the most astute business people I have had the pleasure of working with. Carol’s incisive ability to cut through complex issues and provide solutions in a refreshingly straightforward way is uncommon.

Mathew Cross,
Senior Partner PWC

Post the £1.7bn acquisition the joint fund holders were keen to maximise their investment .Carol delivered a highly successful bond listing
with value built further with a vertical integration, in-sourcing; the benefits of which continue to flow

Surinder Toor,
JP Morgan Managing Director [Investor lead]

Carol is a seasoned, results oriented executive. Carol has a track record of driving results for software led businesses – both on premise and SaaS. Her approach to driving results oriented change is analytical, creative and pragmatic

Mak Hauser,
Managing Director Waterstone Management Group [ Global]

Carol Thompson
Management Consultant & Author

Carol Thompson works closely with businesses that need strategy , business plans and refinancing ; but more importantly , how to make the best decisions they can to generate maximum yield. Using best in class techniques developed by top worldwide universities and private equity businesses that work every time.  Experience in regulated and international businesses across several sectors and company structures . Excellent credentials and a reputation for quick and insightful assessment of business issues and supporting the executive teams.

This is a low risk high yield relationship, bringing 30 years of great experience to your table for you to use at day rate , without the commitment of a full time senior executive.

Carol offers practical , quick to deliver techniques which deliver permanent change in the people and business no matter how complex or fast growing the company.  Culture and change programs implemented with ease and low  levels of resistance where teamwork and communication play a huge role in value creation; Carol ensures high levels of engagement are included throughout the process.

Adding value from day one in eery role she has ever had ….making more money for you

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